Here are some of the most common questions we get asked.

What is the ceremony and reception edit?

The ceremony and reception edit are separate films where you can watch the whole event in full from start to finish. Normally range from 30-60 minutes and have 2-4 cameras set up for different angles to cut to. Ceremony would be of starting with everyone walking down the aisle and ending with everyone walking back. The reception edit with consistent of the grand entrance, first dances, speeches, cake cutting, etc. Those edits are mainly for if you want to rewatch the whole event as a home video type style. Even if you don’t go with those films each and every event will still be used in the highlight and feature film.

Why is a second shooter so important?

The highlight film is fast pace 45-60 second recap of the whole day mainly for social media purposes. Where you can share a glimps of all the exciting parts of the day as if your watching a movie trailer of your weddin

The feature film is a longer 3-6 minutes film. where it tells more of a story of your whole day.

Are your packages customizable?

Deposit and payment type?

How long until i get my video?

What’s the difference between highlight film and feature film?

Your video will typically be sent within 8 weeks from your wedding day. The contract states we have up to 6 months depending on the package and backlog of other wedding videos

I do a 50% deposit the day the contract is signed in order for your date to be saved in my calendar.

For payment I take:

  • Credit card (hunnybook)

  • Venmo

  • Apple Pay

  • Cash or paper check (discount)

Having a second shooter on board will garrentee a much smoother process throughout the day along with being able to film 2 places at once (bride and groom getting ready at separate locations). Along with have 2 separate angles wide and tight on all events. It is very important to get things done in a timely manner setting things up while also not rushing or cutting corners to keep up with the pace throughout the day.

Yes! You can take away, swap or add on services to any of the packages that helps fit the needs to your wedding day.

Are there any travel fees?

What do you mean by high quality audio?

Apart of having great visuals the audio is 50% of the film. That being said we like to put a Lavaliere mic on the groom during the first look and ceremony to capture anything special being said. Along with the efficient (during ceremony) and brides dad if he’s also doing a first look. We also will be depending on the allowance of the DJ, recording everything said straight through the microphone during the ceremony and speeches.

Any venue that’s 50 miles one way if free of charge. Once further than that distance is going to be 0.70¢ to the mile one way

Example: 78 miles will be an additional $20 travel fee

Can we get raw footage?

For the protection of my business and its reputation I no longer do raw footage as an add on.

We ask that our clients trust us with all creative aspects involved in our work, and we will select the music for the film. This allows us creative freedom to deliver our style of wedding cinema, and also to comply with all music copyright laws and support other creative artists. We will secure usage rights and cover all music rights fees for any songs used in your soundtrack.

Do we get to pick the music for the video?

Yes, we carry a full liability insurance policy, and we are a registered business.

Are you insured?